Congrats takitus on making the front page of Reddit!


I think this is only the second time something Glowforge-made has been submitted to reddit. The last time was the catan board. :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for January 8th-14th

As it should be. That thing turned out great!


Fantastic! And congratulations @takitus :grinning:

(Can I get that autograph now, before you get too famous?):wink:


Very cool, and lots of positive comments :slight_smile: (and love the but a k40 can do it too folks). It’s great that takitus has a k40 as well and giving some comparisons.
Anyways, great start for the week!


Thank you! Congrats you guys for making a machine that could do something this awesome. I didn’t really do anything but upload a picture to the UI and hit print. I really hope glowforge staff checked out the comments. People are in awe of the quality.

Here’s one that just popped into my in inbox:

Oh yeah, Imgur seemed to like it too: :grinning:


Nice work @takitus. There was a lot less GF haters commenting then i thought there was going to be.
Hopefully more and more people will start giving it the credit it deserves more cool projects are made on them.


Yeah man it was nice to see that. Most of the negative comments Ive seen are that it is vaporware. They cant really argue with the proof that was laid out to the contrary lol. I think these next few weeks with all the new pre-release users showing off their creations to the world will start turning skeptics into jealous potential customers =). There were a number of posts on my reddit thread saying ‘oh man, I cancelled, but that looks so amazing… now I wish I didnt…argh!’


Kinda makes you want to say “Never-neener!” to those folks, doesn’t it? :wink:


There are so many things I will be making when I have a glowforge, but getting front page on Reddit, grats man! Perhaps one day I’ll get there too.


Made on vaporware, that makes so much sense.


Congrats! That’s awesome. Should go a long way to at least eliminating the whole “vaporware” argument.