Consider investing in a lightbox

I bought an Amazon built lightbox. Worth the $135. Bright LED lights already in the box. Turn it on and shoot.


that’s one of the bigger ones. if you’re only shooting little things, you can find the smaller ones (like 8x8 or 9x9 for all of $10-15 on ebay.

I’ve found that a window in my house or office works quite well. It has to be during the daylight hours though.

I bought the Kickstarter Foldio3 - with the lights and turntable


I bought my wife the FotodioX 20x20 for christmas. Its awesome.


Been using these for years, since I started photographing a die cast car collection…


Me too!

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I went the really cheap route. I had a big roll of paper that I typically use to make templates of stuff (I think I bought it at Sam’s Club and it’s supposed to be paper to put on tables for cheap table cloths). Then I took a fairly large Amazon box and with scotch tape and scissors, cut the paper and stuck it on the back, bottom, and cut two “window” in the sides of the box and put more paper there (note, don’t crease the paper into the corners, and leave some extra to hang out the front).

Then I grabbed two LED Bright White Bulbs I had around the house (I think I had to steal them from some larger light fixtures), put them in smaller desk lamps that I could move around, and put both of them on either side of the box and then started taking pictures.

Took me about 10 minutes to research, 10-15 minutes to find the supplies, 10 minutes to make, and then many many really good pictures to choose from.


Ok I guess I’m in the bargain bin box.

One of the frosted storage totes, one Goodwill desk lamp, another lamp my wife unknowingly donated, and “Bumble” to supervise.


I want a Bumble! :smile:

Actually, I guess I should invest in one of these things, as opposed to shooting them on the dining room table or top of the printer. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s actually a dog chew toy meant to have a water bottle in it for the crinkle effect but he makes a much better observer. :sunglasses:


There are actual Bumbles though. Got one who came with a star for my mom years back.