Consolidating Friendship

This afternoon I had the distinct privilege of hosting @marmak3261 when he rolled through for a social visit, because he dedicated a piece of his vacation to it. Thoroughly enjoyable Marion, thank you for that opportunity.

If any of you have the chance to meet up with another 'Forger, I urge you to take advantage of it. There is nothing quite like meeting an old friend for the first time. :sunglasses:


I would be completely giddy to spend a few hours with any number of forgers here. You or Marion would make the short list easy.
I’m happy for you both.


Super idea.


One of these days, when we snag that Airstream and start cruising the country to make up for all the years we did not take vacations and worked every blessed day on the business, you guys had better be ready to meet a hedgehog. :wink: :hedgehog:

(So many people I need to meet one day.)


:squee: :hedgehog: :squeeee:


I wonder if my wife would buy the excuse of meeting fellow 'Forgers for finally buying the airplane that I want.


Never know till you try! :wink:


I may not know, but I’m pretty sure I can guess :rofl:

Although, she was telling a friend about one of our first dates the other day; when we flew to Atlantic City to get ice cream on the boardwalk.


I had the best time meeting @PrintToLaser and his wife. Fascinating that we spent 45 minutes first talking about ourselves and especially about the forum and it’s great qualities and a little of the drama of the last 2 1/2 years. Didn’t jump to the workshop. Of course he has been very generous in sharing his projects. I got to see the slide out shelf. Have to admit that it is way cool. Of course his work space is smaller but way more organized and clean than mine.

And as we have said a million times. It all looks even better in real life.

I regret I couldn’t meet up with a few of the other CO Glowfolk but I had a date with the Degas exhibit and really took my time. Only drawback are Denver parking rates.

I hope to be back soon. I’m way inspired to make some stuff now when I get back home. Wad a bit busy with work and family stuff the last few months.

I see we have some incentive from Adan to get creating. Wonderful.


I’d install a “hedgie door”! Ha!:sunglasses: