Constantly Going Into Cool Down Mode

I’ve been having a problem for a long time. I’m etching and cutting 1/4" acrylic and when I start a print it goes into “Cool Down Mode” after about 20 minutes into a 1 1/2 hour print. It stays in cool down for ~10 minutes and starts again. After a short time it again goes into cool down, this cycle continues on and off. My 1 1/2 print takes several hours. I have my printerin a shed and I just checked the temperature and in is 70 degrees F. Is there anyway to check the cooling fluid level? Maybe it is low.
P.S. I have the Plus printer.

I’d email

They’re the only ones who can help you really. The fluid isn’t designed to be serviceable.

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Thanks, I just sent this message to them.

You would see a stream of tiny foam bubbles in the tube before the cooling capacity of the system was affected. At least that was my experience.
Make sure the machine is ‘breathing’ properly. If you haven’t, you might check to see if the exhaust fan grill needs cleaning and that the intake area under the right bottom side isn’t obstructed.


I’d also double check to make sure your air intake is not blocked and that your fans are clean, both the exhaust, and definitely the air assist fan.

If any of those aren’t moving air properly, your machine will have that warning…I only know because it happens to me…I realized that my air intake was blocked with dust.

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