[CONTENT WARNING: I've become more crass in 2020 ] 2020’s Over Gift Tag / Ornament

Okay… So the first project I’m posting contains the middle finger. Don’t judge me. 2020’s been rough! The highlight, though, has definitely been the Glowforge.

Printed on Proofgrade Poplar Hardwood using default settings (snowflakes are engraved as HD, while all other engraves are SD):

I have several non-crass creations to post, as well, but this one’s had the most people asking me to make one for them – so many, I created a quick Shopify site to make it easy: https://chelsea-custom-creations.myshopify.com/.

Please let me know if you ‘d rather I delete this design.

Happy New Year!


It’s not that so much as the forum rules, which state it’s to be a family-friendly place. I suppose the definition of “family-friendly” may vary, but I’d suggest at least blurring your photos with the “spoiler” tool under the gear icon.


I’m with @geek2nurse, no need to delete, just blur so one has to put forth an effort to see it.



There’s a couple other things in there people tend to do by accident because they didnt RTFM. :wink:

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A lot share your feeling for the year.

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