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This is to continue the information on this closed topic:

I think it’s really opaque to just close a topic like this and transfer it to email. Especially since I’ve not yet received any email yet from the company. Or disclosed any information on what’s happening next.

So not pleased at all on how things going. With the sudden electric explosion in the machine, NO information disclosed as to what it could be. Got the choice to keep the machine and throw it out with the garbage (or use it as paperweight) or pay for shipping both ways and a refurbished machine. I caved in for another 1800 as it was a good ‘deal’ because otherwise I had nothing. But now the refurbished machine I got is bad. (as you can read in above thread)

I’ll update when I get new information.

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do you still have the broken machine? which one is it?
I am in the market for a broken glowforge


no I replaced it with the refurbished one. Hope that gets replaced too because it is not working to what I came to be accustomed too with the now broken machine.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. One downside to P&S topics getting closed and taken to e-mail is that the rest of the community doesn’t get the learning experience of seeing how the issue is resolved.


3 days ago my original topic was closed. No email yet from Glowforge.
A full month and 11 days since I reported the first problems on my ‘new’ refurbished machine.

I emailed support on a saturday, and got replies on a SUNDAY!!!
its not like them, NOT to reply, why not just email them again at
and start a ‘new’ ticket


Because they explicitly tell you not to.

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i hate being ‘told’ things.

if you are being ignored, you (to quote Mel Brooks) Make a Noise!

Apparently Gowforge has tried to reach me through email. But misspelled the email address. As I’m getting system communication (forum/ machine) on the correct email address.

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Today is wednesday and still no email from Glowforge regarding the errors in the machine written down in great detail in the above mentioned topic.

I know this is frustrating, but you gotta give it a day, now that the email issue is fixed, it will take em some time to get the cats all mowing in a line (sounds like a broadway musical)


35 days since I opened this support ticket on this machine (Continuing from the first problem on the 5th of july). 6 days ago since the topic was closed and no email has shown up. At this rate I feel that the next communication will be “Sorry, you’re out of warranty” and I’m stuck with an underperforming laser cutter.

An email and a DM finally came through this morning. Sad news is that glowforge would like to replace the machine (again). That will be my fourth machine since receiving my first in march 2018 (purchased october 1st 2015)

Forth time, is a charm :slight_smile:
most companies forget you’re a human after they sell something,
GF, inc is different!

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So 4 days ago I got the news Glowforge wants to replace the machine. No messages since. That’s 40 days of ongoing and waiting for replies. No halloween laser projects have been made in that time as I can’t rely on the machine to cut through anything.

but the good news is they are giving you a NEW machine… brand fresh spanking new!!!
i love the smell of a new GF!!!



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Doesn’t say anything about a NEW machine. It just reads:
"The next step here is to get you another printer. I’ll get you more details once I get a reply from you. "

mark my words… a new printer!

"The next step here is to get you another printer. I’ll get you more details once I get a reply from you. "

WELL? any updates???


no updates. I was discussing this with the dutch glowforge owners club on whatsapp and it seems that between support messages there is a 3 day delay. And with no support during the weekend That effects to 1 message per week.

Not having a correctly working machine really effects my design time. I can’t set myself to design anything new when I just know I can’t cut it yet on this machine or it won’t fit.