Little to no communications from support

I had a support topic going but it was closed and not resolved:

I continued the topic here to keep fellow users up to date on what’s going on:

I’ve been mailing and sending DM’s to Derrick but one excuse and no replies later I feel like I have to open this new topic. Please resolve my issue.

OK, a couple of factors here, you are in Europe ?
you mentioned something about that.

International adds a whole layer of issues you need to deal with, and you need to have some understanding of that. - I’m sorry but that is the reality of the situation.

I understand your frustration, but these all factor in to the issues that you are having.
remember we are suffering a problem here, where ships are waiting to be unloaded
and there are not enough trucks and drivers to move the cargo.

we all worldwide are effected by that.


Hi @darkdesign I wanted to apologize here, and let you know that I have responded in your other post, and have also sent correspondence in email.

I’m going to close this post at this time, and continue conversations in the other posting.

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