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Open a new thread and share both results. They typically say that when they close a thread - post again if the problem re-occurs.

Also, if this is PG material, they may reimburse you for the ones that are ruined.

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Was the last engrave shown above the first engrave you did after powering up the machine? Also, what would you guess the temperature was in the room when you did this engrave? Is this a pro or basic/plus?

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the three photos are all the same engrave, after powering up the machine. The room is around 72f / 22c - It is a Refurbished Pro, my first machine had issues cutting all the way through. Oddly I donā€™t think I had this issue (this bad) with the original machine.

I ran another test cut where I lowered the max power to 50 and the speed to 220, left it at 340LPI and single pass. The time went from 24 minutes to an hour. The cut came out better, still some striations, no where near as bad though. However the depth of cut was not entirely enough so I am testing now with more LPI to see if that helps :slight_smile:

Well I was wondering if any of the ones you had a problem with were a first engrave since the machine had been off a while. That can cause issues sometimes while the tube is changing temp from ambient to operating temp. Sometimes second engraves come out cleaner


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