Convention Costumes and Cosplay

There are many materials that we use to make Props and armor. The most common materials are thermoplastics (Worbla and Wonderflex), I wonder how the glowforge would handle these materials?

Worbla is very solid, but when heated it becomes easily moldable and flimsy. I would be using it to intricate designs and putting them on base arm guards, chest plates, swords, etc. So how would the heat from the laser affect the designs I would want to cut from the worbla or other thermoplastics?

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Their FAQ says it cuts great…check out the last question:

For those who want the fast answer – YES, it will cut the Worbla thermoplastics. But reading the FAQ in the post above is definitely recommended.

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im definitely going to be using it on some EVA! we have a lot of costumes were working on this year that will benefit from having the glowforge. I cant wait to get it