Convert .dxf to .svg easy & free

For those of you who use Autocad or any other vector program that doesn’t have a direct export or SaveAs to .svg format, this is a totally free, easy to use website that you don’t even have to sign up on or log in to use, this link goes direct to convert .dxf to .svg but it has many file format conversions:

One of the few “no nag”, no anything annoying sites I’ve ever found. I’ve even written to them and asked to add a conversion type and they did it.
I realize that Inkscape can import .dxf but when I tried it, it was a mess, maybe I’m doing it wrong but the pre-converted files work great. Hope this helps someone.
R.L. Hamm


I’ve only seen Inkscape have issues when working with older .dxf files. Saving them in the latest CAD or Fusion 360 has always fixed any incompatibilities that were tripping it up. Hope this helps others, as its always preferable to keep and designs local and only uploading them to the cloud when required.


I’ve only used Inkscape to convert .dxf files to .svg, but it’s always good to have other options. Thanks for the link!


It’s Autocad 2018 so it should be the newest dxf, I think the problem is me not knowing how to use all the settings while importing dxf to Inkscape. For me, when I find something that works, it’s like finding a 5 leaf clover, file formats are my nemesis!

What do you mean only upload when required? I can’t burn a design without uploading to GF, maybe we are not using the same terms, cloud convert is just the name of the website I use to convert. I would love to not use my precious limited internet data but I don’t see another way. I apologize if I misunderstood you . I also have Fusion 360 but don’t know it very well, sometimes I spend so much time turning a 5 minute task into 3 hours of convert/test/fail/search/learn/test/fail/scream that I end up going back to something that just works no matter how outdated it is :slight_smile:

Awesome find and your timing is impeccable!!! I was trying to do this yesterday and getting very frustrated looking for a site that could/could do it for Free without all the BS.

Thanks for sharing!!!

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I just meant that if you can do it locally that should always be the preferred approach. It’s never a good idea to upload files to random services on the internet. In the end you never know what they actually do with your data and your legal protections vary depending which countries both you and the provider reside in.

I would prefer to not send my files to Glowforge, however we don’t have much choice at the moment.

I totally understand, I’ll try some other convert chains, I have an in depth list of what imports/exports what, and a lot of raster/vector/3d model programs on my machine. I never looked closely at the tl;dr agreement for Glowforge (oops), I really hope they don’t follow some of the big companies and claim ownership of all designs we upload, my original artwork is mine no matter what.
R.L. Hamm