Converting 3d models to laser cut ? Mostly boxes with seperators


I found a lot of stl files that I would like to be able to convert to laser cutting.
Is there a tool that would allow to do that ?
Keeping dimensions and considering that material thickness I will use.


“Slicer” is what you are looking for.

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Slicer for Fusion 360 - it’s free for hobbyists (don’t be alarmed by the enormous looking price tag)


Besides slicer you can import directly into Fusion 360 and work with things from there.

In situations like this I often make significant design changes to reflect the material and techniques that are being used.

This online slicer works very well. I use the Onshape extension of it to get me good SVGs of parts. It doesn’t have the overhead of installing a full 3D modeling program locally.

In the end I have found that making my own models by investing time in learning a 3D design program has really paid off. In the meanwhile, test the waters with this.

You can slice from different orientations to get the respective planes. Using the Single slice tick mark option and slice at a specific level. I then bring the SVG into Inkscape to tweak it, color the lines or make engraves.

Where this excels is when I am making a part that engages in another 3D printed part. It works great.


One thing that the desktop version of Slicer seems to have over this is the choice to have it number parts by layer and add registration marks, which is hugely helpful for a complex multi-layer build.


Rather than converting STLs, you can look at creating cut files specifically for boxes and separators here:


Yes. I have not found anything as good and as extensive as the festi box creator. I am sure that some day there will be a version that can make my lunch.:slightly_smiling_face:


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