Converting a Bitmap file to allow scoring in GF

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recently I wanted to work on a project to create a 3D acrylic lamp from using regular clipart photos, my question is there anyway to convert a bitmap picture that was saved from photoshop as PSD to allow it to score? i only get the engrave option in GF since it’s a bitmap file, I find out that scoring a pic into the PG clear acrylic sheet will give a 3D look.

However I ended up engraving the picture with the PG settings (with little defocus “pic attached below”) but i didn’t like the results , as it’s not showing as 3D and as I wanted it to look … any suggestions on how to convert bitmap to score ? I thought of working it in photoshop and highlight every single line and convert to path but that’s not going to work good.


Only vectors can score, so I think you are correct. Converting each line to a path is the only way I know, and I agree it will not give the effect you want.


You’ll have to vectorize it. PS has limited capabilities to do this but only exports paths to Illustrator format - Illustrator does a better job with Live Trace, Inkscape has a similar function. Adobe Capture (iOS/Android) may also get you what you need if you don’t have AI and don’t want to install Inkscape. Whichever route you choose, use the highest resolution version of the image you have and get it a nice, crisp black/white in PS first for best trace results.


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Do you mind if I ask you for the steps on how you did this ? I’d like to learn how if you don’t mind…


Looked the picture up with google (2 minutes)
Imported the png into lightburn
did the standard trace in lightburn (works pretty good with a black and white image)
export it as DXF (2 minutes)
Loaded into QCad put it in my standard layers and colors
and do a “Quick SVG Export” from the file menu (2 minutes)
And you will have a perfect file for your Glowforge!


Thanks! I’ve never worked with lightburn , I’ll give it a try … can this be done with AI ?

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It can be done with a lot of programs AI, inkscape, Easy Cut studio,
Still think lightburn is the best in tracing you can download it for a 30 day trail but its worth the money!
QCad is free or you can buy the pro version for 40 euro

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I have been having great results with Gimp. A mask has only one line and can be manipulated, and then saved as a path (vector). It has lots of manipulation and boolean ability and then exported as an SVG.


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