Converting to halftone with stipplegen

Was looking at some of the big oversized halftone dot prints done with CNC routers and was wondering about how that would look on the GF.

Ran a picture through a program called stipplegen and did a 7x7 test print. At this scale, the larger dots are about 2mm.

Now I’m wondering how this would look at 4-5 times this size.


It’d look like a puppy that just chewed up your good shoes! :wink:


Great nose. Awesome technique. Bookmarked.


Played with this one and other of similar bent with few more options.

Did a rasterbator MM Silhouette poster that came out 33x70 inches (24 sheets of A4 paper). Worked swell.

Never took the Stibblegen that far though.


rasterbator has a different feel to it. not sure i would have gotten quite the same effect.

it has some additional options, but maybe a bit less control of certain parts of the dot pattern.

Nice work!

Also: Halftones in inkscape

Pretty good control options here too, including making your dots arbitrary vectors.


I’ve got to try this one. I used rasterbatir for an old photo of my mom and the svg never loads into the GFUI. I too was thinking about large scale with the SO that hasn’t arrived yet.

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I’m using my phone’s browser to view this, so naturally I was viewing it up close. It looked good, but when I pulled my phone away from directly in front of my face, it actually looks amazing!

Very cool effect, and am hoping to see others post their versions in here soon!


His is an older post showing the difference.


Was that unmasked? And just dots?

The smoke staining, I presume, adds a really interesting dimension to this style. It kind of fills in the gap between where the dots are more dense to less dense giving a gradation.


Yes. Unmasked BB. A series of vector dots exported from stipple gen. I did a smaller test with some scrap PG and the smaller dot didn’t penetrate well. Scaled up, these larger dots would burn thru the masking fine.

But you’re right, it does add some interesting variance to the denser engrave areas. Almost some shadow toning. Wonder how that might differ at larger scale.

I like the effect. Great job!

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