Cooktop or Oven protector

I saw somewhere the idea of taking BBQ grill mats and cutting holes in them to make a dishwasher safe overlay for a cooktop or bottom of the oven. Then I thought about what a nice job the Glowforge might make of that cutting.

I went with a Kona XL grill mat (set of 2) from Amazon. I think I could have done it with one piece had I gone with the Renook brand, but that’s water under the bridge. I did a few measurements, cut a cardboard template and to my amazement, it only needed one slight 1/4 inch adjustment to be a near perfect fit. I then figured out where the waste piece would be (inside the circle cut for a burner), and put a few .5" squares in there to test the material. I finally ended up at full pews and 150 zooms for a nice clean cut that didn’t burn the edges. Fits great, wife is happy. I think I’ll order another set and do the ovens…

EDIT - Oops. Apparently I should have looked more closely before cutting this material. The first hit on Google about laser cutting PFTE showed there are sheets of the stuff made for that purpose, so I figured it was fine and pressed on. Further comments by our esteemed group have shown that those are special laser machines with better venting than I probably have here at the house. No bueno. Instead, cut one out of draftboard and use that as a template for your X-acto knife. Lesson learned.


what are the mats made of?

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PETG with a fiberglass coating. I should have mentioned that in the main post. Should be ok.


Wow, should really make clean up so much easier!

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and probably a WHOLE lot less expensive than the ones companies sell that are custom cut for specific stove tops.

now you got me thinking about this.

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where did you find that was the material they’re made of? i don’t see it on the amazon page or their site.

Their web site states “Kona Grill Mats are made out of high concentration and thicknes of PTFE (Teflon), fibers.”

i’ve looked around and it looks like there are differing opinions about how safe it is to laser PTFE.

Universal seems to say as long as you vent really well, it’s ok.

Trotec says don’t do it.


Fumes from putting a traditional “teflon” pan into a hot oven can kill birds in the next room, so if you have a bird in your work space, I would’t cut these on a laser.

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That “F” is fluorine which is like chlorine only more so. I would not let it inside the Glowforge for anything. Like chlorine the damage is insidious, and everywhere in the machine, and likely to get worse over time even from one cut.

That quite aside being far more poisonous as HF than HCl. Canaries were taken into Coal mines because they are more susceptible to breathing damage so if one drops dead in your house that is the same warning as the coal mine.

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