Cool 3D printing project

Someone make this thing :slight_smile:


Whoa! Right?!

Makes me want a 3d printer. No clue what I’d do with such a thing. Something something mount a laser on it something something.

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Ah, I gave in and purchased a Photon (not the S). I love it. It took forever for me to figure out how to make designs stick to the bed, but once I did…magic.

Get a 3D printer and make the thing! That would be awesome! (I want to make the thing…need to find some time tho).

Hmm you got a link?

How’d you pick that model over the others?

Solar tracker ,camera mount, cup holder for your open water boat, mount a line laser and have an artificial horizon…


The other evans comes through again.

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I was seeing lots of solar tracker suggestions on the video’s comments and I was thinking Jeez, solar trackers are pretty easy and don’t need to be so complex. But if the solar cell was on a mobile platform then it makes sense.

Yes well you’re talking to people with 3d printers and laser cutters. Nothing has to be that complex but it’s kinda cool :slight_smile:


Sorry for the wait on the reply. It’s Finals Week and grading consumes most of my time. I’d rather be here, and I’d rather be lasering.

I picked the Photon on the advice of @karaelena – lots of experience with machines and software of all sorts, oracle who knows all in this realm.

There is a lot of community support for this machine and so much easier than the SparkMaker (which I gave up on and gave to a friend after my simple frustrations).


Hmm I wonder how the photon compares to the Mars. To the google!

Ok google yielded a review on that says that they are almost indentical. I hear elegoo is about to release a newer version, so I’ll probably wait for that. Cool to learn about all this though.


I’d be interested in what you decide to use. In the meantime, here is a link to helpful resin settings for the Photon.


Definitely a bat signal.

Nice share. I have two 3D printers just sitting there. I don’t have mental space to keep them occupied for the time being. this would be a good project. However, I will show restraint. I once spent a kg of filament on a robotic arm. Bit off a more than I could chew at that time. Hadn’t understood tolerances and was never able to assemble it. Learned a lot about testing fits first before committing.


I 3D print more than I laser. As a perfect example of what you can do we needed a MRI safe 1 1/8” wrench for an oxygen tank. I couldn’t find a good one online. Anyway I quickly obtained a photo of one from a catalog and scaled it in fusion 360. Exported the dxf of the outline and cut it in thick clear acrylic. It snapped with little force. Then we had some 3/8” clear which cut just fine with a slight slow down from the thick proofgrade settings. Anyway then I extruded it’s and added some fillets etc. printed it on the form 3 in tough resin. Worked like a charm


Yes. I like the 3D printers. The practical prints just make me happy. That’s beautiful! Reminds me that I need to print a custom collet nut box end wrench for my CNC router.

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Your medical projects are always great. As simple as a wrench is it’s very cool that you’re making things that help people.

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