Cool Chair



Hmmmmm. I say make one!

The great thing about the Glowforge is that you can prototype easily. The SVG file is ready and can be scaled up easily.

Then you just need a CNC like a Maslow.

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No more furniture for now…or tools. I’m getting ready to start doing a massive scale-down for moving cross-country late this year.

Pro tip: Never say you’re never moving again. sigh


What do you mean the SVG file is ready? Is it available online? It would be a cool project for my Shopbot CNC students

I meant in a prototyping context. You would have the CAD/SVG file ready for scaling to different sizes.

As far as one “ready to go”, it’s not a complex design. You could surely import the image into Inkscape or the like and draw it out. Make it your own, though (copyright and all).

that was my original intention until I saw your comment about the file being ready. No point in re-inventing the wheel if there really was a setof files I just happened to miss.

And I thought you were just making doll house furniture. :smiley:

By the time you need to move you’ll get your whole house in an file box.


Nah, you just need to drive over to FIRSTBUILD.COM and use their CNC router. or get radical and use the water jet cutter

I know that was kinda mean, we are the only ones to have one.

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What’s your destination?

Back home to Texas. The PNW has been home for the past 23 years, but my parents are getting up in years and need some help, so we’re heading back to the heat and the fireants. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a big change from the green of the rain forest. I was stationed at NAS Whidbey decades ago and still remember the lush forest with moss carpeted, fern lined paths in the woods.

If your trip planning brings you through Denver and time allows, I would enjoy treating you guys to lunch or dinner somewhere for the privilege of meeting you Ruth.

Relocating one’s universe is a massive task we have undertaken only twice in 43 years. At least you are headed to familiar surroundings. Good luck with that!


Yeah, I still remember how the intensity and variety of the green up here was so amazing to me when we first came…Texas looks kind of gray-green now, even in springtime.

Denver wouldn’t be too hard to make “on the way” when we head down with the vehicles – I bet we can make that happen!


Just get out before the cops show up!

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