Cool Eucalyptus hardboard from Home Depot

I don’t remember seeing this stuff before so I thought I’d share this inexpensive hardboard I found at Home Depot. I think it’s really beautiful stuff made with Eucalyptus fibers. It’s dark enough that there’s not a lot of contrast when engraving, but it has a very nice acrylic finish on top and has a beautiful hand to it. (The color is similar to walnut.) The backside is unfinished and fibrous.

I’ve read through the specs and it appears safe to burn and it’s an environmentally friendly wood. The cured acrylic finish lists formaldehyde, but I’m personally comfortable with it. (That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe or that you should rely on me for safety info.)

Here’s a look at it. The dark one has a thick clearcoat finish, the other a thin matte finish.


Nice find. I’m running out of the HDF that I love and this looks like a good alternative for much less $.


Where do you find HDF?

I got mine at Boulter Plywood. It’s Fibre-X and it’s listed on their laser page. They were really nice when I arrived and had not a clue, but I’m finding them to be pretty pricey. I do love that HDF, though. So good to work with.

Have you seen this?

I haven’t personally tried it. I was going to buy a panel but the HD saw was broken, so I went to Lowe’s across the street and just picked up the marker board.


No, hadn’t seen it and dammit, it’s not carried in my neck of the woods. I really like the stuff I got, especially for the price. Wonder why we get one version, but not the other?

Not all stores are the same. We have one in town geared for contractors that carries a lot the others don’t.

I’ve seen the hardboard. For some reason it is now more common in my are than MDF.

I’m in Atlanta, you know, where the Home Depot comes from. They don’t have it here. Time to write my congressman.




Huh you know woodcraft carries hdf, it seems.


Hey what about this stuff, seems to be the same but different product listing?

I think I can call off my congressman now.


I just checked my HD and looks like they carry it - I’ll have to get some to try! Thanks for the info.

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That may have been actually the one I was looking to buy. The Eucatile name sounds more familiar.

Ooof, quite the price difference though.

I hear you, but it’s still only $1.56 per square foot, not the most expensive stuff.


Oh for sure. The HD stuff is a lot cheaper, but it’s still a good bang for the buck.

Yeah the HD stuff is $0.42 per square foot, but it’s also white. So the HD and Woodcraft products aren’t exactly apples to apples.

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Not that it really matters, but I was back at HD today and found the smaller 2 by 4 sheet the HDF I originally posted and it looks an awful lot like the stuff in your link? I couldn’t tell if yours was eucalyptus though so it could be a very different product. I wish my place carried the white stuff too.


That’s what i get then cut it down. Works great…

So is this the stuff with the rough side and the smooth side?

I use that hardboard all the time in the shop for different things. I’ve used it for years as a replaceable top for my work benches. Don’t worry about glue, marking it, cuts, scrapes, etc. Just swap out a new piece for the old stuff.

Honestly I never thought about using it in the Laser! Geesh…MORON! (I’m the moron).