Cool Hipster Coasters


Hi all. After my first try with coasters I decided to make three more so I can have a full set at home. Here the four final ones.

Hope you like them


They look great! Very cool :sunglasses:

And a reminder I should start playing with my walnut… are these the proofgrade engrave settings? I did one coaster test with a large solid area of engrave and felt like it was too deep.


All very cool! (Favorite is still the bicycle one though!) :smile:


Pfft. I lasered before it was cool. :slight_smile:


Heh. You said…



Really nice! Is that mixed media or just cuts for the glasses?


Thanks… Just Cuts


Fun coasters!


These are awesome! I love them!


The Proofgrade draft settings are definitely too deep for coasters. For draft quality, try 1000 speed, 85 or 90 for power, and 225 LPI. For high quality try 500 / 45 / 270.


Great design!


Looks great as a set! I’d love to see more objects like the bicycle :slight_smile: