Cool laser project blog

Found this blog today:

They do a great job of explaining their progress, showing where things went wrong and what they learned, and they also provide some files and lots and lots of pictures. Great assortment of projects too, with a bent towards gamer-nerd… some highlights:

Alcohol Inked Acrylic
Kumihimo Disks for weaving cords
Fabric Covered Wood
Popup up card
XCOM badge (XCOM <3)


Awesome link—thanks for sharing!

Wow, thanks a bunch! The Kumihimo disk would be a great training project for me and I could put it to use right away!

… oops, we may have crashed their server… I’ll try again later…

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I cannot access the links either. @vettha, I think you’re right :grin:.

Must be a very good site because i’t’s still collapsed.:grin:

they’re baaaaaack. super cool site. thanks for sharing!!