Cool pass through spacetime coffee table

Surely 1/4 inch would be sufficient for this table.


Could be. It’d be the other dimensions I’d be concerned about.


My daughter would love this! As long as it’s a <=20" tall table, I can’t think of why it wouldn’t work pretty easily.


Wow!! That’s really nice! Glass top is needed though.

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Finish product has it.

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I ordered the basic, but could see making this in smaller scale just because it looks so cool! A coffee table’s coffee table :grin:


Make it on the basic to set on your coffee table.

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Would be a great conversation piece.

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You would have to pick the perfect marble, though.

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Or a mini globe


Could take a basic clear and etch a globe onto it.

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I like it!!

I have a question about the interlock system on the glowforge. Is it a magnet system or a pressure switch? The interlock on the front door you flip down to remove the crumb tray

Stability/twisting is going to be the biggest issue. Even this table as shown only has two axis support without the glass top in place. The narrow glue joints (narrow in relation to direction of load) can act as pivots. Pull the glass top out and that table can rack/shear into a flat stack for easy transport (maybe an unintended bonus feature :slight_smile: )

The vertical load is good because of the height of the slats. The only issue going with a thinner material is the chances of internal buckling increase, but that can be handled by increasing the number of slats/ribs in both directions thus reducing the load each much sustain as well as the bracing it adds to each slat.


Since I have only a basic, I would go with half-inch pieces, all built up out of 1/4". Maybe an elliptical table with two foci…

Magnet. One on either side near the top of the door.

Rumor has it that good neodymium magnets will fool it into thinking the door is closed. :sunglasses:

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My next question was if they are magnets is there any danger in getting a magnet of to high power near them? I’m not a scholar on magnets and if I would use a higher power magnet in the forge and it would come into contact with the interlock magnets is there any risk of damage?

define ‘high power.’

if you mean a regular small rare earth magnet, it’ll be fine. i personally wouldn’t use anything too large since there’s a lot of metal around there and too easy for it to snap out of your hands when placing it.


That’s what I meant, something stronger than a fridge magnet.