Cool sink ideas



Saw some pretty cool sinks on Pinterest that would be fun to take a stab at using the pass through slot.


How do you get toothpaste and hair out of the slots?


I’m sure the GF can fabricate a tool to help clean it out haha


Really like that first one…but yeah, not the most practical.:slight_smile:

(Might make a cool bench though.)


So beautiful, and the Jerome and I are both sitting here saying, “I can just feel the grossness building up on those wooden ones.”


you need some serious coats of lacquer on those. BUT SUPER COOL! i am a fan


ya the first one is a non starter no way to keep in clean

the one that is layered is easy enough with enough poly, thinking the gel kind of poly that you use to coat a bar with 1/4 - 1/8 thick


Interesting idea - although all the designs could be done in Acrylic as well I imagine. Still trying to see how that top one drains? (out the sides - over the floor?) :thinking:


You don’t, just cut another one and replace it.


You don’t, just cut another one and replace it.



I was wondering the same thing. I was thinking maybe some of those channels are there just for aesthetics and they’re actually blocked off? But mostly I think it’s a concept and not actually a working sink.

Then, I did a little snooping around and it seems originally from here. They have a tad bit more info on it – that it is designed after a map of london and the water is intended to flow through the channels. Which sounds very concept-y and totally not a working, usable sink. They’re are some extra photos, none of which show any sort of drain where I thought it might be. Given the position of the faucet, I think this would just splash messily everywhere, not actually go into the channels as well as expected, or just gently trickle water somewhat uselessly.

Also, how does that faucet even work? I get the touch on faucets, but how do you control hot or cold water?


That one might just be a rendered concept.


Bah, design is what’s important. Cleanliness is for suckers (and gods, apparently.)


The first one looks like it would be more at home as part of a fish pond, creating multiple continuous waterfalls. But that would mean some other material than plywood to make it.

Cleaning the topographical sink would probably be not so much fun, you’d have to wipe around each “corner”, unless you built the resin up enough to smooth out the various layers. But then you would have negated some of the coolness of the sink design…

sigh, form vs function, why do you always fight and hardly ever get along?


could use the glowforge to make a form to pour a concrete version of the first basin. Would be great for a fountain or an outdoor water water feature, or as the anti-erosion-splash-tile-thingy under a gutter/hose-bib/roof-edge/drinking fountain.


Mold heaven!