Cool Star Wars scale model on

Very cool replica model of the Death Star surface turrets on


Oh that is so much cooler than I thought it was going to be. :sunglasses:

I’d love one on my desk.


Wow, thanks for that link!
That little laser cut jig for bending wire is now stored away for future reference…
Plus I had never heard of Polyback before.
Looks like it is one of those materials that is only really intended for sale to the trades, but this place seems to have it:,cLAC17020000,p1.html


I had never heard of Polyback either, but I’m definitely going to try it now!!
Thanks for the link!! :grinning:

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Cool! Has anyone been able to find a price for that stuff? When I go to the site it shows me the different thicknesses, but even on a page with a button to add to cart there’s no price. Maybe if you hafta ask…

Probably have to load your cart and go to checkout to see $.

It is a standard industrial supplies site.
They mainly sell wholesale or through distribution and are probably not interested in selling to the general public. If you have a company you can call them to set up an account.

Take a look at the “branch finder” to see if there is a place near you, you might be able to convince them to sell you some locally.

I haven’t had a chance to click through yet, but is this a material that should be added to the proofgrade request thread over here QOTD from Glowforge: What Proofgrade materials do you want?


They are all west coast, but one of the east coast distributors of polybak apparently has an outlet in a small town about an hour away, so I might go there the next time I have a day to kill…

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Nice! They did a flat pack Millennium Falcon build a while back, but this is way cooler.


I found this website, thought it looked like they were out of stock but would take a few days to ship it (4’x8’ sheets are probably not too cheap to ship). The sheets were about $13 (w/o shipping).

Edit: I didn’t see this initially: