Cool stencil font (not inexpensive)

if it was inexpensive, i’d have bought this no second thought. but maybe it will be the perfect font for someone else’s project ant worth it to them.


The “a” looks like it would fall out, it is not connected like the “o”.

It would be easy to fix, but it definitely looks like an issue.


Good catch. At that price, you shouldn’t have that issue. And not some random dude, it’s someone from pentagram design in NY.


It’s really a cool looking font!

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I want my fonts free or at least inexpensive. I also want my stencils to scream STENCIL!
That said, nice font for someone.

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see, i actually hate stencil fonts that scream STENCIL! plus they’re a dime a dozen. elegant stencil fonts are few and far between.

but i agree about the price being steep.


Looks cool, some thought went into it for sure.

Makes my eyes go buggy. Don’t think I’d be using it. And I definitely wouldn’t pay that price for it.

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