Cool wooden glasses

@iliketomakestuff just uploaded to YouTube a super cool video making a pair of wooden sunglasses, and he said that want to try to make another pair, so… How about a GF :glowforge: wooden sunglasses? :sunglasses:


Having learned (here in the forum) that polarizing film is laser-cuttable, I see a great many acrylic-lens, polarized, wood-framed sunglasses being made on glowforges.


My last pair of specs have a broken frame. The lenses are still pretty good although my prescription changed. Definite project for this weekend. Been thinking of this and using the trace on the Glowforge. Although I do have to finish the compass rose. I have some more veneers that I can use to make up the rest of the colors.


I was wondering why he didn’t just use the Glowforge to cut out the veneers (and maybe even the temples.) Probably because most of his audience doesn’t have access to a laser cutter. Still would have been cool to demonstrate how much faster / more accurate a laser cutter is (and conversely, that you can still get great results doing things by hand!)


He did a great job doing them by hand, that’s why I’d like to see the second pair made with the GF.


Awesome! I didn’t know you were here @iliketomakestuff ! Big fan!

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