Cooler option for basic?


Is it possible to offer the cooling on the basic model for those of us who do not need the other features of the pro? Even if it’s something we install ourselves, and could be offered after launch.


Would be great if there were the option for heavy users to run the coolant lines through an external chiller and avoid pausing during long jobs.


Oooh I like that idea.


Count me in on this suggestion.


That is going to be my second warranty busting hack. :hammer::wrench:


I understand, being a guy who is experienced and usually successful at repairing something to be better than it was. I derive a great satisfaction from that.
Initially my head was full of improvement ideas, like more robust cooling, but until I actually run one, and bump up against a duty cycle limitation, I’m not sure that will even be needed.
The more I learned about the innovative engineering poured into this thing the less inclined I am to hack on it.
I decided if I really wanted to hack a laser, a cheaper Chinese machine would be perfect fodder with lots of room for improvement as opposed to a state of the art feature packed Glowforge - even with the limited Z.
Besides, because of the pre-sale price by the time 'forge 2.0 debues, I would probably be able to sell my basic for almost what I paid for it if it’s not cut and drilled.


In my view. You never really own it until you have taken it apart and put it back together again, maybe twice.

  • More Z

  • More cooling

  • Maybe disconnect the Y stepper and hook it into a rotary. I just do not know if the cameras will mess that one up.

Remember to always follow the first law of intelligent tinkering.
“Save all of the pieces”


If they get the camera working just right this should be unnecessary. Just manually index and continue burning.


“If you take something apart and put it together enough times, eventually you will have two of them.”


During summers going to school I worked at my brothers Auto Body Shop and I ALWAYS had leftover parts.


Happened to me once with an automatic transmission rebuild - NOT good…


LOL yeah that would suck!


I don’t really want an ice bucket under my desk…

I do wish the pro was class 1 optional though. I don’t think I’ll use the pass-through much but I wouldn’t mind avoiding any issues with home owners insurance.


Just put a window ac unit in the room of the laser. Drop ambient when cutting. I have forced air but can adjust my laser room full open and others to be partially closed to keep it cooler when lasering. @dan mentioned dropping ambient will increase cutting time.


No bucket needed


When I first saw this topic in the list I thought it said “Color option for basic” after which I had two thoughts:

  1. Seriously? You’re concerned about color?
  2. Why just for the basic?



How about a super fancy water bucket?


I thought it was an optional drinks cooler! As information has trickled out since this thread started it seems that all the integrated software control might stand in the way of after market cooling solutions.


I do this far to often. I didn’t explain that I ordered the pro for all the cooling and efficiency benefits. I should have stated that this is how I’m avoiding the ice bucket thing you see with so many k40 units.

I just wish it had the option of not being class 4