Coolio oldie but goodie photo transfer


Photo Transfer to wood


Yeah this is great. My girlfriend did a borderlands one for my birthday. She made a drawing and transfered it over:


I’ve done it, and it’s beautiful, but it can be a serious, serious pain in the butt to get right. Everything from bubbles to getting allllll of the paper fibers off, to sections where the ink just won’t stick & are lifted off, to trying to scrape / sand off all the glue & re-do it (if say you have a unique piece of material that you want or need to use). Especially with large sizes. Small items (think 1 inch x 1 inch) work much better & with a lot less effort and frustration…


The wife produces a lot of artwork for sale. Most is gallery and shop sales but for the more crafty events she might produce copies on light, tight grain wood planks using this technique. The process works fairly well for craft level sales. Though honestly that’s one of the reasons I purchased the GF. Thinking of etching her art into various materials instead of the tedious work required to remove the paper without ruining the art.


I have done this technique probably about a dozen times now to transfer family photos to pine.

Its so awesome and looks incredible when finished with clear matt finish photo spray paint. The matt finish makes it still look like unfinished wood which is the look I was going for. A quick sand with some very fine emery cloth after the spray makes it feel very smooth to the touch instead of rough after the spray dries.

Oh and I have done both B&W and color and they both turn out just awesome.


Thanks for the reminder of this technique. I did a few experiments a few years ago. Now I’m motivated to do more.