Copic Marker Stand


My son started using copic markers this week to do some illustrations. They are pretty expensive (like $8 each). So he wanted some sort of stand to keep them organized and all in the same place.

I quickly threw together a design and cut it for him out of MDF:

I only took one picture, so I don’t have a good side view.

He’s happy with it. Now he needs to buy more markers (he only has the 3 at this point).


My wife loves those markers too. Love the design, was planning on making her one too when I get my cutter. We get her markers at Michael’s, sign up for the coupons and you can get a 50% coupon every now and then for 1 item. Best way to buy them and save money.


That’s were we got his as well. If you log into their website, you can always get a 40% off coupon for one item.

It just takes a while to build up a collection one marker at a time.

I kind of don’t like Michael’s for that reason. If anyone can get a 40% off coupon at any time, does that mean that most of their stock is marked up 40% expecting most people to do this?


Michael’s items are usually marked up 70% - 80% most of the time. (Not for all their items but most of them) They order bulk wholesale from China for all their stores to keep costs down.


Very nice! Has room for $360 more markers, too (Michael’s coupons notwithstanding). :wink:


I still have some old Letraset markers, sadly they got acquired by Winsor & Newton and they don’t have the same amount of colors and they did away with the Pantone system. I still have some ink refills so I can keep some of them alive a bit longer… :cry:


Sketch markers are $5.24 each on the following sites:

There are some YouTube videos that encourage a small set of markers … and show how to make them handle almost anything you might want to do. (I didn’t see that until I had close to 200 markers).


Nice stand! (If you’re going to get into Copics though, it’s gonna need to be a LOT bigger.) :smile:
(Be careful, it’s easy to drop a couple thousand bucks on them…I’ve got a gal pal with one of each color ever made. She’s an addict. We’ve tried for an intervention, but no luck.)


Yeah, I’m trying to limit my son’s marker intake. Luckily, he’s watching some YouTube videos (like Draw with Jazza) that seem to suggest a limited number of markers.


This is great! I bought some a month or so ago, too…and yes, they are expensive. I have six and still just keep them in the original box. He will have great fun collecting more pens since he now has such wonderful place to store them. Good job!


What a lot of artists I know do these days is to make the initial sketch on paper, then ink it and shade it with a set of gray markers. Then they scan it and color it in PhotoShop. That way they never spend too much on all those color markers…


Way to think big! I tried to buy some Copic markers at Michaels and that’s when I discovered my card had been skimmed. Someday.


Jerry’s Artarama seems to have good prices on the Copic markers:

Not that I’m trying to be an enabler. . . :wink:

Edit: nice marker stand!


Some retail stores have markups that make even their owners blush and others have very thin margins. The key to any retail is moving feet through the door (or eyeballs past web pages.) Maybe you use your 40% off one item coupon on something with a 10% markup, maybe a 200% markup, all that matters are the other items you buy before leaving. The point of the coupon is to get you in the door. The same theory behind heavily discounted turkey’s around Thanksgiving (I know you’re Canadian but presumably you can relate) and before Netflix it was why Target, Best Buy and WalMart sold new release DVDs below cost.


Love it! I really like how it sits at that slight angle. Very sleek.


I have a few hundred of these markers! Nice stand.


Use your coupon on the 12 or 24 marker sets :wink:
They often come with a bonus travel case.