Copic Marker Storage Organizer

This is one of my first few projects, I had to do a lot of measuring for each item, cause its not just markers I use but other stuff, I plan on selling these once I perfect the design (it bows slightly in the middles so I think I should make them smaller or add support)


Very nice project! You really put a lot of work into it. Now design one for 150 markers and about 40 reinkers (heh heh). I really like the way you made it multifunctional with ink, brush, marker and reinker storage.


Nice piece of organization!
Welcome to the forum :sunglasses:


Terrific!! Yes, I’d buy the file if you decide to sell that too.

Oh, nicely done! (Might need more slots though…Copic collectors tend to have large collections of the things. ) :grinning:

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That’s lovely!

I’m betting a tabbed center leg would take care of that bowing issue :slight_smile:


Looks good ! You could also try a perpendicular arm across the bottom (lengthwise) to prevent bowing - or as mentioned earlier a tabbed center support.

Welcome. Thanks for showing us your well executed organizer.

I did something similar but put a handle down the center, support on the sides, and One Box to Hold Them All.


Great way to keep things in their place. Go with supports and make them larger.

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Nice storage for multiple items.

I had wanted to make Copic storage … But the Glowforge delivery wasn’t soon enough. I purchased stacking trays to accommodate my obsession with Copics. I did hold off on the refill storage, so will get to make that at least.

I had wanted to make Copic storage … But the Glowforge delivery wasn’t soon enough.


Nice work! Love my Micron pens for daily lunch notes.

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These things all spark joy!