Copper Wire Lights for Glowforge projects

When I saw this item in Harbor Freight I instantly thought GlowForge project. It was $8

I am posting my purchase because there are so many incredibly beyond talented artists here at the community. Someone would have an idea on how to incorporate these lights with a GF project.


If I ever get around to trying a book nook, these would be perfect.


Word of caution - these drain the batteries even when turned off. I think I got two months out of them, despite only using them very occasionally.

That may not be an issue for you, but just be aware. Similar LEDS from Ikea (with a traditional on/off switch) lasted years with similar use.


I got similar multi colored lights a few years back that work on a solar cell so with enough light they charge otherwise in the dark they shine. I keep them on a window sill and they usually lose all charge by midnight or a bit after but work for over a year on replaceable rechargeable batteries.


I have some “yard lights” like that, two pointing at my flag near my front door. Unfortunately, they keep it lit for hours after dark in summer, but don’t get enough sunlight to last more than an hour or two in winter. Still, they’ve lasted 4 years so far…


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