Copy and Paste memory issues

Does anyone else seem to have issues with memory when copying and pasting? I have Windows 10 with 64GB of ram, dual Nvidia Titan Z GTX video cards and 1.5TB solid state hard drives. I can’t see why after my fifth paste of such simple objects, that the Glowforge interface starts lagging about 30 seconds behind. Heck my system fans don’t even notice a problem as they pretty much stay at just above idle. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Sounds like your browser has a memory leak. Everything is done there, so your system doesn’t need to be all that powerful when working in the GFUI (the extra ram is great when designing though!) If clearing your cache and/or switching to a different browser fixes it then focus there.

That being said, if you always need to cut and paste you should do that in your design app, not in the GFUI. You’ll find the system moves faster overall that way.

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Thanks. I’ll check the browser bit out. If I am cutting or engraving onto finished pieces its king of hard to set that up in Illustrator. Thats why I copy and paste and move the drawings into place.

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You could make multiple copies in AI then move them around in the UI. Worth trying to see if it helps.

You’re not the first to have a problem when duplicating a design, someone had a support case on it a few months back it but I don’t remember the outcome. I don’t think it’s a memory issue, but you could look at the resource usage when the issue occurs. Chrome does some wonky things sometimes, not just with the GF UI.

I just figured it was more efficient in regards to how the glowforge would see it and cut. I guess it makes no difference huh?

I can’t say - I’ve not had the issue and tried it.

I have printed designs at the limits of what the GF cloud can process before failing, and once the file opens (about a minute), the UI is just as responsive as with simple shapes.

It can get weird at times–when I tried jobs trying to put in a lot for cut shapes and inserting images to etch and copying & pasting, sometimes it would not paste the last image I copied but I got older images… It’s definitely easier to do as much of that work in another program & then load that to the GFUI–or at least doing that minimizes the risk of weirdness and annoyance!

Understood. I appreciate all of the help.

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