Copy/Paste Breakthrough

There have been multiple posts about the “new improvements” copy and paste shortcut not working for some users (me included). In early April I went back and forth with support about this but they could not get the new improvement to work on my setup (MacBook Pro running chrome). Earlier this week I figured out how to make it work. The problem is that the “copy” step in the process “doesn’t take” (the object being copied doesn’t make it onto the clipboard). Here’s what does work: “copy” the object (right-click, menu command, Command-C, whatever). But then BEFORE navigating to the intended target “paste” the object. It’s now on the clipboard! You can then hit backspace, delete, whatever since that pasted object isn’t part of your desired workflow. Navigate to you where you want the object pasted (another project/design, another app, whatever) and “paste” it. Let me know if this works for you, please!


It is copied to the clipboard immediately now, nothing was copied at all previously. Chrome on Mac.

It is copied as SVG xml code. You can paste it into a text editor (or even Word) and view it.

I can now go into a design and copy, then go to another design and paste. No additional steps needed.

As I commented earlier, I have no use for it, but good to see they fixed it.


I don’t need it the way you do, but I often want to grab an element from a previous design into a new design without uploading the entire thing again (which is usually on an older laptop). I’m glad to see it works now, and thanks for the heads-up.


Great tip!

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