Copyright rules and regulations

GF Newbie here… can anyone please verify some of the copyright details, specifically as far as things such as for quotes and signs and what not. I understand that we can not utilize a pre-made picture of any kind (particularly for profit) but what about sayings, quips, and quotes?
Thanks in advance?


That is definitely an “it depends” kind of question. Generally a quote won’t be protected - except if someone has protected it - and sometimes they protect the words while other times they protect the words in a certain font/layout.

This thread has a lot of comments that might cover what you’re looking for specifically: Copyright, Creative Commons, and the Public Domain (or do a search for “copyright” and see other conversations)


If you find word art of a quote and then copy the layout and font then at a minimum it is rude and bad form. If you use your own layout and put some consideration into the font you should be fine.

Like deirdrebeth said, generally you should be fine for sayings, quips and quotes. Catch phrases are more likely to be protected. If you quote a recent book, film, etc… for profit you may receive a cease and desist letter. If you quote a recent book, film, etc… for the purposes of criticism you may still receive a cease and desist letter, but in this case post it on instagram and grab yourself some viral fame.


It’s also likely song lyrics would draw attention…


Thanks everyone for the heads up I really appreciate it!

Good question, and welcome to the Forum.


Thanks so much UrJac. I have been trolling quite a bit trying to learn as much as I can - I am not nearly as tech savvy as I wish I was, nor do I have the programs I wish I had (or the capital I would like to invest into invest into delving into this adventure) but I’d imagine that is similar for just about everyone to one degree or another here! :slightly_smiling_face:
Feeling like this trial-and-error phase is more lengthy than I anticipated (not as patient as I’d like) but it is incredibly fun none-the less! This is why I am so grateful for these forums!
All Newbie advice welcome - materials you particularly like or don’t? Resources you have found helpful? Places to head to for materials or to stay away from (other than GF obviously )?


Everything you could need is available for free (Inkscape, Gimp…)

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I know, I am utilizing them as best I can - watching videos, playing around with them and I am slowly learning them. :slight_smile:

That is a definite and a bummer for sure… my hubby is a musician and all my children are musical as well, so this takes a bit of the wind out of the sails for their particular brand of inspired help with our GFing, but the fact that we can still gift it to one another is still encouraging :wink:

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it. Just don’t build an entire business around other peoples artistic property.


I’m going to quote this. And build a business off of it. :slight_smile:


Everyone feels like that! If you’re doing it right the trail and error never stops, you just keep moving on to the next thing to learn.
Stay on the forums (I’m one to talk, I just got back from a months long absence) and search for old postings for questions you have; someone has likely asked the same thing at some point.
The best Newbie advice I could possibly give is to direct you to the excellent and valuable tutorials under the Tips and Tricks Topic. Assure you mine the for everything it can offer; it’s a good place to start.


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