Cordura Sling/Waist Pack

So I finally got around to designing a waist pack after my Dad’s been hounding me for a couple of months. He wanted one for travel.

More on the full build:

Soooo here it is:



Great Instructable! (And the fanny pack looks awesome!) :wink:


Thanks Jules.

I have a bigger design that pushes the dimensional limits of the glowforge, but sure beats hand cutting all those layers!

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Can’t wait to see it! (Did you go with a Pro? You could really knock out some larger items with one of those…the Snapmarks make the passthrough very functional.)

Sadly no, at the time I couldn’t afford the pro model and I waited on my basic model for years and years before it showed up.

I have access to larger lasers at the shop, but this is my home shop and I can make some pretty big stuff if you are smart about how things are spaced out.

I guess my biggest pack would be 11x19.5 LOL

Here’s the big pack I made yesterday with my GF.


Oh that’s nice! :sunglasses::+1:


Great turn outs on these!


That backpack deserves a post all to itself! Always impressed seeing the different backgrounds and expertise that this community has. Really amazing work.


I LOVE your work…bought my first pouch several months ago. Every new pack you make gets cooler and cooler. I’m sure I’ll be picking something else up soon.

So far my glowforge mostly cuts wood but I’m really inspired by you to experiment in cordura.

(edit: just to be clear au.eric made the pouch in the image)


Those came out amazing !! Where do you purchase your Cordura ?

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Oooo, nice job!


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I buy mine from a wholesale supplier but you an get a bunch of scraps from local bag makers, or even off ebay for small yards of it.

Crazy! I guess I have been making those packs for over 9 years now. Bound to run into someone who has one!

I’ve been cutting Cordura on a laser for at least 6 years now.

For ref GF settings: .02" thickness, 475 speed, 100% power.


What are the magnets that you’re using to hold the fabric down in the first image? Just ordered my glowforge and those seem very useful.

I made them from some small donut magnets with an M4 hole in it, a counter sink M4 screw and a brass “flower nut” for the handle grip.