CorelDRAW - Adjusting for Kerf in your Design

Adjusting for Kerf in CorelDraw.pdf (703.3 KB)


Path Offset in Illustrator same deal

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Yes, it’s very similar.

We have a Matrix in the Table of Contents for the Category that points to tutorials for different programs.

I must say BRAVO!! on the writing of the Illustrator pdf. This is THE most perfectly simplified, easy to understand, illustrated guide on kerf and designing for it. I am going to go and download everything you guys put together (finally) and print it out and both use it with the Versa I currently use and see if I might come up with anything to add. Again, very thoughtful writing. It was clear on the first read… that’s rare. lol


Thank you! I never ever know if it actually works or not! :blush:

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While I haven’t adjusted anything I am actually working on yet and I vaguely understood the concept but haven’t needed to adjust for it (until the stuff I am working on now) this allows me to visualize it when I am programming something in. I will give any other feedback or help if I have any. PS I like that you remind people that is a FAT line example … keep those mental pictures in check because they do run wild on occasion. :slight_smile:

Maybe putting links to said box designing programs at the bottom would be super helpful too since I can’t remember (and many people don’t know at all) what they are and it would be awesome to not have to go search for them. Keep up the great work!!

We’ve got them all grouped together on the Matrix…one stop shopping.

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I have no doubt you do. Always impressed. I just deal with people that are supposed to read all day every day and they don’t. They don’t in exceptional fashion… and I will admit that I do it too. I user test websites and writing instructions a lot and the more places you can repeat yourself the better (especially at the end where it isn’t annoying people that DO read) and it will save you sooooo many annoying noob questions in the end. Even just adding a link to the Matrix to look for them would save you questions. I am not here half as much as I would like to be and I am a little lost… I just imagine myself being one of the people who have never stepped foot in this forum but are now armed with a laser and need to learn 5 bajillion things. Do yourself and your sanity a favor ahead of time… you have put in too much great work to go crazy now. lol

You could even make an all inclusive table of important clickable links and put them at the bottom of every PDF… just cut and paste… because PDFs are stand alone and if they got it from someone else or open it after they aren’t in the forum… it just ties it back in to where it came from and answer questions a person who can’t be bothered to actually look themselves will go to instead of posting the same questions in the group over and over… the scourge of all user forums. lol Just a suggestion! :slight_smile:


I’ll eventually put shortcuts for it for sure. (Been through this before with another forum with about 14,000 members. We had nothing in place for that one. It was insane.)


You are so fast I can’t even edit my long babbling novels. lol Anyways. Thank you. Great stuff! Look forward to looking at it all!

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Thank you. This is very helpful.

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