Coriolis Effect (warning: does not contain lasers)

This just makes me happy. :smiley:



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I want to see the SAME apparatus used in all three places. Smells like a scam to me! :sunglasses:


I like the Bad Astronomy blog to guide me through these types of videos and articles.


Oh, quit stomping on my geekgasms! I want to belieeeeeeve!

Also, the video I posted doesn’t use the “pour to the left/right” technique, so I wonder how you explain it?

I am going to go take a bath with my ankle hanging over the side, because I’ve been dealing with work crises all day even though I’m not supposed to be working and now I’m even grouchier than I was from the boredom, and I need to escape. When I’m done I’m going to see if I can make the water go counter-clockwise when it drains. I’ll keep you posted. :wink:


When I first heard about the X Files, I scoffed and ridiculed my students who were talking about it. I just assumed it was another alien abduction or ghost hunger thing. It was probably about five years or so into the run when it became syndicated and FX did a marathon. I was able to catch up on it.

Boy, had I been missing out on things. In fact, it is one of the best shows that treats human faith with respect. “I want to believe!” is so powerful. We can’t live without faith. I’m not talking necessarily about religious faith, but our attitudes toward realities we are unable to comprehend fully.

The ghost stories were pretty good. The take on bureaucracy was amazing. Of course governments and most institutions were suspect, but there were always good people seeking the truth.

I spent most of my life thinking that some day I’d go to the equator and see this in real life. Was sad to find out that it doesn’t quite work that way.

But to make up for it, I just look at weather patterns and clouds on a global scale. It is absolutely amazing to see the coriolis effect at this level. When I look at the moon, I am amazed. What is cool is that I’m tugging on the moon as it is tugging on me. Gravity is spooky, no doubt about it. I want to believe too!


I got busy with a work crisis (yeah, even in the bathtub…but you probably know exactly how that feels!) and forgot to watch the water drain.


I’ve been reading the Dresden Files. It’s not about Germany. It’s about a wizard working as a private investigator in modern-day Chicago. :wink: Having some of the same reactions as you did with the X-Files. Also it’s nice to just let my brain disengage for a while…until the next crisis that for whatever reason no one but me can fix. sigh

I’m still not convinced about that Coriolis thing.

I’m also beginning not to believe the old “take your foot out of a bucket of water” thing about not being indispensable. <whine> I really, really want to be dispensable, for just a little while! </whine>


Apologies in advance, but Phil (BA guru and my neighbor) & company are correct – the Coriolis Effect is not evidenced at small scales. Even the slightest manipulation of the vessel will effect the initial draining motion and many “entrepreneurs” in the tropics are as adroit as your average three-card monte hustler on the streets anywhere.

BTW, my manager was making a presentation yesterday and when he projected his laptop screen, its background was a photo of a narwhal swimming under an ice floe. I shouted “I Believe!” before I remembered I was at work… :relaxed:


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