Cork Carving



My brother has made several of these (I think the interest struck him when he lived in Japan studying, and this is an example, although not one of his) and the idea came to me that this is something that a GF might help create in a rather amazing fashion.


Wow! Your brother made that? It’s amazing! He is very talented. Thanks for sharing his fine work!


No – that is not one of his – but his are that incredibly beautiful – I just don’t have a picture at hand of one of his


Ah, it’s fantastic anyway :upside_down:. Thanks for the clarification.


gorgeous! just yesterday my husband bought some cork-board to hang in the office, and that got me thinking about cork GF projects - hm… :slight_smile:


So this looks extremely cool. It’s difficult for me to tell the depth and… dimensionality(?) of the artwork. Are those flat layers put together to create depth? How deep would you say the whole thing is? A couple of inches?

  • Tom


They are only about a 1/2" to 1.5" thick or so, carved with forced perspective to give more of a feeling of depth.


It really is neat. I’d love to see one in person.


Those things are so tiny and intricate, they always blow my mind. Can’t even imagine having the time to make one, except with a laser cutter.


That is awesome looking. Your brother has great talent


Amazing art. A Google search of Cork Carvings throws up some incredible examples - so detailed.


Holy cow, that is beautiful