Cork Coasters and Rubber Stamps


We have a Pro.

With some of the updates, we have actually called the power back to 65 and have better performance. Power set at 70 almost over cuts/engraves now.




This might be a silly question but why not cut it out with the GF instead of scissors? Thanks for all of the info! Stamps have been on my to do list.


Good question! I have tried cutting the rubber with the GF once the stamp has been etched, but it requires such a high power setting and low speed that it tends to melt the rubber and leave me with a mess.

Having said that, I have only tried a few times and it deserves more attempts to see if there is a setting that would work well.

Anyone have success with cleanly “cutting” gray laser rubber? If so, what settings did you use?

Thanks in advance.


I did get a clean cut, but I checked my notebook and apparently I didn’t write the settings down … I will check another place later today.