Cork coasters - skulls and mushrooms

Found a 2mm cork mat that is super easy to engrave and cut coasters from. Barely have to use any power for the cork to get super dark (5-10ish, at full speed).

Cutting at 100 power/300 speed.


Very nice results! :grinning:


Do the engraved areas have any residue that rubs off? Did you seal them with anything? These look fantastic. Any source for the cork material?


The skulls turned out really nice … Thank you for sharing your material thickness and settings.

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The 3mm cork I’ve been using came from widgetco. But it’s pre-cut to circular coaster size, so for custom designs I don’t have a good source yet.

As to residue, I haven’t noticed any significant amount at 5-10. Go higher than that and it starts to char.

There’s some residue on the edges, but if you just brush them off with a moist paper towel it’s gone.

I found cork sheets of 35x45cm on a scrapbooking webshop here in Sweden, I’m sure you can find some on Amazon if you search for 2mm cork sheet.