Cork Fabric Coffee Sleeves!

I’m officially in love with cork fabric! Since it’s not PG I won’t post about settings, but I did some test jobs using settings I found elsewhere in the Community and make tiny adjustments until it came out just right for the fabric I have.


Seriously cool! I’ve been a member of the forum for years and don’t think I’ve seen anybody use this material. I dropped off for a while, and didn’t pay too much attention to all the categories so I’m sure there are others, but at least I got to see it now. Great work!

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Great looking results! (I think I like that look better than leather.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! And I didn’t want to go into detail on this post since it’s non-PG, but I find it a lot easier to work with than leather for multiple reasons, but around the same price depending on where I get it.

Very nice! Source? and it looks great!

Ooooo, very nice! I like the way that stuff cuts so cleanly.

I do believe @rebecca made a cork fabric wallet a year or so ago–as I recall it came out great!


This turned out great. I love that cork fabric is available in so many colors.

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The source of the material? My boyfriend ordered a couple pieces from Sallie Tomato, and I’m about to order more from Sew Sweetness. :slight_smile:


Looks very nice. Love the cork!

The texture and engraved texture, the contrast, very cool indeed.

Ooooo I know what I am buying next payday!!!

Just wondering if you could post your settings in the Beyond the Manual section?