Cork/Felt Supplier

Hey all! I’ve been getting more and more behind the tiles I’m making and I figure that they would also be good coasters, but the underside is quite rough. My eventual solution would be to use cork or felt, and right now I’m wanting to try and find a good supplier, or at least have options on where people here have been obtaining theirs.

Anyway, thanks in advance!

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I used this for a recent Glowforge project:


I used cork placemats from Ikea. The cut was easy.

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Target has polyster felt squares, I think in bunches of fifty with various colors. They work very well for a backing.


Thanks everybody, I recently found some thin felt from Walmart that was 26 cents per 8x11 sheet. I’m going to try those out and see how they go. I’ve been procrastinating a lot of projects :upside_down_face: