Cork for the back side of a coaster

was thinking of picking a roll of this up to do the backside of coasters with. give it a nice little under cut elivate the wood off the surface a lil and add some grab to the table

opinoins ?


Cork is a great idea. I’m no expert, but this seems like a great price for adhesive cork. Maybe even possible to stick 2 back to back for thickness and engrave right on the cork for a coaster.


ya 7 dollars shiping they have other thickness as well but ya instead of making two roll orders have some double up like you said. I’m having a hard time finding a source but yat seems like a good price

I use 1/16" cork for my coaster backs, but I glue it on with wood glue – this is a great price, though, and if the adhesive works well, that’s one less step :slight_smile: I buy mine at my local hardware store labeled as rolls of cork gasketing material, and I think that, given the rolls I buy are only 12" wide, it probably comes out to a pretty similar price per square foot.


ima risk it I just ordered


BTW, Inventables sells nice thin cork that you can use that gift certificate toward.

Ya already used it on some exotics. But they are expensive in general

I also do exactly this. A C Moore has a small roll of cork that I’ve been using for my coasters. Applying some tonight as a matter of fact. The :glowforge: cuts it like butter.

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FedEx should have the big roll dropped off this evening. If no cars are around for my neighbors I will run some. @Tom_A what’s a good settings start point ?

I guess with the current scale that’d be 50/500.

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I take this back. With the new scale it didn’t completely cut through. Almost though. So I guess I’d go with 60/500 now.


ya I had to in pop it in few spots. I cut it all down to 12x20 got about 15 sheets

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