Corn Hole Trophy

My family has been spending some quality time playing together. A few members are slightly competitive, so I made these traveling trophies for them. They were a big hit! Enjoy!! The .svg file is that tiny picture next to the pictures.

Cornhole Trophy


These are really nice. I have never played the game.

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They came out great! Thanks for the file.


I tried to open the file in three different programs and all i got was wording. Am i doing something wrong?

I just downloaded the file on my phone and all was there. The lines are thin and somewhat hard to see. File was created in Inkscape. I’m sorry you are having trouble but I am too new to have any advice. Anyone else have a suggestion?

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried to open and all i get is a black screen with the writing, i tried opening is up in inkscape. My be some ther folks have suggestions. Thanks for your time. Your project looks great.

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File is fine. Opens just fine in Inkscape or the GF user interface.


Great trophy idea! Very nice, dated reminder of the twilight zone we’ve had to adapt to.
Thanks for sharing! :sunglasses:


Has the file been removed? I don’t have an option to download a file or even see anything to put my mouse over to download. They look awesome though.

It’s the itty bitty teeny tiny blip at the lower right corner of the picture. :smile:

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thank you and I see that but when I move my mouse/cursor over it, nothing happens.

Right click on it and choose Save As …SVG.

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Got it, Thank you

Love it… Thank you for sharing.

this is adorable thanks for sharing