Corrected color wheel on test pattern


The original test pattern color wheel was wrong from the original creator. In a scale of 0 to 255, each 5% should be 12.75 RGB change. It was not. The new zip file is correct.


Thank you!!! Very helpful!


you are very welcome!
I only discovered this because I wanted to list the RGB color since that could help in a grey scale image. I started to list what was there and it didn’t make sense at all.


Oh my glob, you even have test live hinges! Thank you!!! I am about to embark on a new box project for Tucson Comic Con and needed a tester file to figure out which materials to use. This will come in handy!


That part is from the original creator. I can’t take credit for that. But I did share a huge 2mm live hinge pattern on my website. Links under free files


I swiped a copy of that to play with, too :wink: Does the material template have the corrected color wheel or the older version? Just so I know if I need to swap it out myself.


It’s all correct now


You’re the best!


Hey, thanks for your contributions!


Awesome! Just checked out your site, too. I like the Arrow of Light design, too.


This is why I use basswood for photos. There’s Birch plywood on the left and Basswood on the right. You can clearly see a much better gradient on the small circle on the right which is the basswood.


Thanks this will be a great help