Cosplay Armor Fullmetal Alchemist

My son asked me to help him with his cosplay costume for Halloween, so I decided this was a good use of the



Wow. Just wow! :grin:

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Looks like you got Ed finished… now for Alphonse!

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Alphonse is on the table



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Lucky son! Great job!!

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I am hoping to see the finished product modeled by a happy son.

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Looks amazing! Please post a picture when completed. :grinning:

Omg I was kidding… wow!

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Wow! any chance you would share that file? I’d like to flex my costume muscles again.

Gentle reminder - it is against forum rules to ask for files.

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Happy to share them. I’ll post Edward when I get home this afternoon. Alphonse is a work in progress. I messed up the helmet in one spot and have to re-draft a couple of parts.

This was the test fitting minus the inner black sleeve.


Awesome! I’ll gladly wait for Al’s helmet. No halloween in these parts so no rush. Seems like a great project to use up some more foam.


Fits like a glove or arm(or).

That’s too bad. It’s such a fun holiday :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazing build, and that’s some pretty creative dithering on your photo! :smile:

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Here are the SVG files for the build.
The file named “forearm hand top”, the forearm piece is NOT used, I revised it, but left it in case it gives anyone ideas on improving it. In “Fingers 12345” there are 3 strips used for behind the elbow. I was busy on Alphonse, but will try to write something better once things settle down. (280.7 KB)


And a little of Alphonse