Cost for renting glowforge time?

Does anyone here rent out time on their Glowforge? I’m thinking of doing so, and I’m wondering what to charge. I live in San Francisco.

Been talked about and kicked around here earlier. Quick search found these two.
Wander through them and see if your answer is in there.


Here’s another, started by Dan…

I wouldn’t until I was confident about the reliability.

From the number of problems folks are reporting with their early units I would be concerned that I’d spend as much time trouble shooting failed prints, cloud service connectivity, and alignment issues as I would printing.

I hope to be wrong about this.

Those are typically issues left to the renter of time to deal with, in my experience. You allow them use of the laser, maybe have a sheet explaining some of the issues which may arise, and allow them to waste time and materials if they are not overly cautious.

Not how I wind up doing things myself. But how I often see advice given regarding providing your laser to others for use (other lasers).