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Hello guys new owner here, I bought a glowforge mainly with the hopes to start a new business. As am going through the materials pricing on glowforge website I find it quiet expensive to buy from them. Other than inventables what other places do you guys recommend that offer better pricing on laser proof materials? Thank you guys any help if appreciated.

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Hey welcome to the forum.

There have been lots of discussions about this, all you need to do is search the archives.

Try “hardwood source” or “acrylic source” searches, you can find lots of places to buy stuff. Heck, even “material sources” would find results.


Depends a lot on what specifically you want to do but take a look at Johnson Plastics. They stock hundreds of thousands of laserable things for reasonable prices.


Welcome to the forum! I don’t have any sources for acrylic yet, but I keep tabs on where others buy. I’m still plowing through my initial cache.

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Thank you I will

Keep in mind that most places don’t sell finished stuff - so you’ll be adding in your time to finish - and AFAIK no one sells it pre-masked.
:proofgrade: is expensive, but between the finish and the masking and the guaranteed-to-work-or-we’ll-replace-it warranty it’s often worth it!


Almost every project I make to keep/give is Proofgrade for that reason. The exceptions are things that are painted, as there’s no need to waste beautiful PG wood and masking when it’s just going to be covered up!

I use Baltic Birch from my local Rockler the most, it’s not the cheapest but it’s convenient and I can browse thru the sheets to find the ones I like best.


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