Costco tissue cube holder

We use the cube tissue boxes you get at Costco. They’re fine as-is in the house, but we like to keep one in the car and it always gets squashed by some combo of feet and bags. Figured I’d take a stab at making a box for it with some bits of 1/4" (actually, 5mm) Columbia Maple I have around and voila:

I was originally printing this as what would be the bottom for an inside/oustside holder, so that’s why I went for the lip on the bottom. Turned out I got the measurements close enough that I could pick it up like this (with my fingers in the tissue box) fairly easily:

So you might have to push in the cardboard on the sides to get it in, but then it doesn’t fall out too easily. If you actually pull it out, it comes out fine.

Props to for generating the basis for this.

Here’s the SVG:

When it’s loaded, measurements should be 10.35in x 16.559in.


Nice solution.

I recently switched to tissues that fit in my cup holder.

Kleenex Perfect Fit Facial Tissues, Car Tissues, 50 Tissues per Canister, 4 Count(Canisters)

Your cube is more efficient, the cup holder things are pretty small.


Ah, nice idea. We only really have two cupholders in our car and I don’t think myself or my wife could stand giving one of them over to a tissue box :stuck_out_tongue:


That was one of the first things I made when I got the Glowforge :partying_face: I think I used boxes.pi then too. but I had to run a piece diagonally to keep the box from falling out.


Thanks! This will be good for my classroom!


Great idea! I do like to keep the box intact as much as possible.

Thank you!


This looks awesome! Still trying to figure out what to do about decorations. I didn’t expect my first shot at this to work out as well as it did, so I didn’t do any art on it. I’ll figure something out though :stuck_out_tongue: