Cotton Swab Box ☄

The Costco size box of cotton swabs is stored in our very shallow closet in the master bathroom, which has 2 full length sliding glass doors, and usually the doors are slid over towards my side of the bathroom, blocking access to the cotton swab shelf. (unrelated but this is the only house I have ever seen that has 2 toilets in the master bathroom that face each other…) reminds me of the love toilet from SNL)

So, in comes the wall-mounted box, that the entire cotton swab box can slide straight into. :slight_smile:

The hinge at the top prevented the q-tip box from sliding in, so I put two cut lines over the hinge joint in the svg, so that is intentional. :slight_smile:

Now I need more cotton swabs.

SVG v.2, made the opening larger. (9.3 KB)

1/8 in ply


Thanks for sharing this

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My pleasure. If it helps someone then awesome.

Bathroom? I thought those were used for cleaning electronics.

P.S. jealous of your backdrop. It’s so cold and rainy in NY today.


Thank you for sharing this useful design.

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@chris1 doesn’t everyone clean their electronics in the bathroom? :slight_smile: I grew up in New York.

@pauline.lally my pleasure. If I have time later I will modify it and re-post. I think the swab window could be slightly wider.


Awesome Idea! Love that you keep the same packaging and just replace. Smart thinking!

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Great! Thank you for the share!

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Thanks for sharing! I definitely can use this.

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