Could not Replicate



Tried to replicate this on my Glowforge. Couldn’t get it to work. Clearly we have an inferior laser.

I mean… come on. Is it too much to ask to be able to renovate my warehouse, and enjoy some sick jams at the same time?

I expected more from you Glowforge.



I for one welcome our new robot overlords… especially if all they want to do is jam.


Awesome. Did you notice the guy had hexagonal pupils?


No but I think he should be wearing goggles!


But who’s gonna clean that up? :neutral_face:


I got it to work on mine. Just had to save it as an .svg and it worked fine. I had video of it, but I wasn’t thinking and my phone got cut in half during the recording. So I need a new phone, but it… was… AWESOME.


Wow! I had to click through to his site to see what was real and what is CGI. I had no idea robotic arms that big could move that fast. I’m going to be watch more of this stuff.


Spent my last 8 working years doing purchasing and logistics for a company that did robotic automation for companies. I’ve seen robots do some pretty cool things … but never anything like this!


I’m sure it was a composite, but in case it wasn’t… if he really did stroll through the middle of three industrial arms like he did in the video, he certainly had a lot more faith in his timing than I would have had. Eeek!


I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.


That is really cool! Thanks for sharing.
In the video, the ‘glitch’ where the robots take over and throw him a guitar - then the party starts!

My brother-in-law (Harms Sound labs - Ft. Collins, CO.) could use that as a demo for his home theater display! I put it on mine - and cranked it up. :sunglasses:


I think when he walked through the three arms it benefits a lot from camera angle. He has a VERY clear path to walk through for a while before and after actually doing so.

At 2:06 is looks kinda scary, but at 2:17 there is an overhead view of walking the other way through (with a similar arm pattern), he starts out ducking under one arm, when it moves over him, he goes under and through. One comes down a little bit after he passes out, but he still had about 3 breaths of slop, and I am pretty sure that position matches one from the 2:06 move where it was still higher than his head.


I mean… you saw his hex-aperture eye, right? He’s a cyborg. If he gets broken by one of the robot arms, they just fire up a backup cyborg. Easy.


Putting this in the hopper.


“Dan confirms multi-axis tooling, musicianship and metal cutting in development for Glowforge!”

That would be one serious firmware update.


And they will have it done by December 2017. :rofl:


OSHA would not be happy if I did this with my robots at work. No safety guarding or light curtains. He’s fired!


Very hard to tell what was CG and real :slight_smile: