Could someone cut something for me?

hello, all! I have yet to receive my Glowforge (coming soon!) but when it DOES arrive, I was hoping to use it to make a new product for my business. just a simple keychain made of wood. I have to take samples of this new product to a meeting in few weeks and since I’m not sure I’ll receive my machine in time to make them myself, I was wondering if anyone out there would make me a few samples to take. I can order and have the supplies shipped or reimburse you for the materials along with whatever fee you feel is fare to make the samples. if interested, please contact me to further discuss the project. thanks so much!!!


Where are you located and how many pieces do you need?

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Just a heads up to recommend that you do the contacting through private messages rather than posting your email address here. Although only owners can post, anyone in the world can see your posting, and that includes the spam bots.